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For Rainy River District School Board Trustee

Township of Alberton, Township of La Vallee, Dance, Miscampbell, Griesinger, Unorganized / Ward 22

Meet Kathryn

About Me

I firmly believe every child has the right to succeed in their education and to finish school with a strong foundation on which to build their future whether it be in the trades, business, post-secondary or other fields of interest. Achievement looks different for all students and we need to support and encourage this.


Born and raised in the Rainy River district, I spent almost two decades away pursuing my education and career goals. I recently returned and am proud to call Alberton home. I feel my work and education background in project management, communications, policy and contract development, and best business practices is a strong asset. My career has taken me from large private sector business, arts organizations, to working on TV and film sets. Having sat on numerous boards, I am confident in my overall knowledge and ability to effectively handle all needs that may arise as your trustee.


Education takes place in the classroom and our efforts must focus on enhancing and enriching what goes on there. We must provide and maintain safe and healthy environments, both physically and emotionally, for all students and employees with up to date facilities and resources. We must continue efforts of employee recruitment and retention which serves to benefit our communities.


While focused on accountability and fiscal responsibility, I'm committed to engaging and working collaboratively with other trustees, students, educators, parents and the public to ensure all viewpoints are given the consideration they deserve in meeting common goals. 

The next four years offer greater opportunity for our schools to thrive, to continue to build education partnerships, to put aside individual agendas, work in respectful collaborative ways and continue the push for increased funding. I’m running to be a part of that process. Public education needs strong responsible leaders. It’s time for change and a fresh perspective.

  • St. Michael's, St. Francis, Fort Frances High School 

  • University of Waterloo, BA (Hons) 

  • Columbia University, Master of Fine Arts (Management) 

  • New York University (NYU), Project Management Certificate Degree

  • Over 25 professional development classes and training programs.


To date I have served on 11 Boards, from small funding boards to comprehensive governing bodies. This experience has been related to community building, bridging the gap between arts education and learning achievements with under served public schools, youth suicide prevention and not-for-profit programing and funding. Presently, I sit on the board for the EcoHealth Alliance Young Professionals Council, where I am a founding executive member and served previously as Vice President for 5 years.

In the Rainy River District I am proud to currently sit on the following boards:

  • Faith Non-Profit Housing

  • Atikokan Native Non-Profit Homes

  • Tour de Fort 

Key Priorities

Key Priorities 

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Impactful Innovation, Academic Excellence & Inclusiveness
  • Advocate for students of all ability levels.

  • Welcoming, safe and positive learning environments free of discrimination and harassment.

  • Increased project based programs promoting 21st century skills.

  • Staff well-being and the sustainable delivery of high quality instructional programs.

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Communication & Collaboration
  • Easily accessible communications to the public regarding Board procedures and activities. 

  • Increasing transparency and inclusiveness in decision-making processes.

  • Listen and articulate concerns expressed by students, parents, educators, and all stakeholders.

  • Prepared, informed, and willing to work hard in pursuit of appropriate educational experiences, funding opportunities and partnerships.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 1.05.10 AM.png
  • When our students thrive, our communities thrive.

  • Staff recruitment and retention benefits the entire district. ​

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Experience, Accountability & Effective Leadership
  • Committed to fiscal responsibility and transparent collaborative budget processes.

  • Evidence-based decision-making, with a focused return on investment.

  • Strong and balanced, real-world solutions that mesh with our current education climate.

  • High expectations for plans based on common goals, system accountability, policies, procedures, and protocols. 

Contact Me

Contact Me

My mission leading up to election day is simple: To talk with you about our shared values, our great community, creating opportunities for success for our district's children and my plans to diligently address all the challenges that may arise as your trustee moving forward.

Thank you,


Please contact me with any of your questions, concerns or just to say hello!
Tel: 807.271.5107


Thanks! Message sent.

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